Step 1: Find starting materials. Note: The flint stone is hot enough to light any fine material such as moss, dry grass, pine needles, steel wool, cloth, paper, etc.

Magnesium Firestarter | Step 1

Step 2: Gather starting materials in a pile where you want the fire located.

Magnesium Firestater | Step 2

Step 3: Hold the firestarter so that the tip is resting on the ground and the flint is on top. The magnesium can be scraped into shavings, bunched together, and ignited with the flint to produce a white-hot starter fire of about 5,000 degrees.

Magnesium Firestarter | Step 3

Step 4: Ignite the magnesium shavings.

Magnesium Firestarters | Step 4

Having trouble getting a good spark?

Place your fingers half way on the blade. Place the blade on the flint so that the blade is standing straight up at a 45-degree angle in relation to the flint. Be sure to use both sides of the blade to find out which side works best. Remember, the more pressure you apply the more sparks you will produce.

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